Founded in 2004, RPF Development is a real estate development company that focuses primarily on investing in and developing affordable housing in Eastern Europe. Our objective is to bring centrally located, quality housing to first time home buyers who have been unable to afford other housing options.

Our team is comprised of individuals with international expertise in real estate, emerging markets, and complex financial transactions. We combine these international standards with local knowledge to deliver value to our investors, while creating new opportunities in our communities.

Our multi-disciplinary teams and vertically integrated approach enable us to sort through the complexities of developing real estate and add value at every phase of the project. We assess ownership and financing options, permitting hurdles, tax liabilities and incentives, municipal and environmental regulations, and multiple, overlapping occupancy alternatives. We start with a clear definition of your needs and objectives. Then we review the opportunities with you, develop a streamlined plan with logical steps, and commit to delivering the project as planned.

Acting as your single point of responsibility, we assemble and manage the project team and deliver integrated, full-service solutions that maximize the value of our client